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Flower Power

December 08, 2023 Jeff Himstedt- Reagan Leslie- Tyler Frazee Season 2 Episode 3
The People of Peoria Podcast
Flower Power
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Show Notes

Flowers, Events and a little bit of life mixed in… nothing is off the table in this discussion.   In this episode learn how LeFleur Floral Design + Events, located in Washington,
Illinois started as a little retail shop and has cultivated their love and passion in the wedding and event space over the last decade in order to survive and thrive.   From the extra 5%, to culture, to knowing your enneagram number… you’ll quickly learn why LeFleur is more than just a flower shop.   

LeFleur Floral Design & Events, In
(309) 444-1555
905 Peoria St, Washington, IL 61571

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