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Nick Yates & Jaymee Barra of BUILD Peoria - Episode 9

October 12, 2020 Austin Savage & Alex Turner
The People of Peoria Podcast
Nick Yates & Jaymee Barra of BUILD Peoria - Episode 9
Show Notes

Welcome back to The People of Peoria Podcast!

Today on the show, we've got Nick Yates and Jaymee Barra of BUILD Peoria, an organization that exists to unite the community through their love of the Peoria area to physically BUILD Peoria into a better place and leave a legacy for future generations. Nick and Jaymee are both incredible people and I was grateful for the opportunity to grab some drinks with them at Olympia Sports Bar & Grill and hear their stories and the story of BUILD Peoria. (You'll also hear that I was in a super sarcastic mood when we recorded this, and they put up with me, so that was nice too. Haha)

In this episode, you'll hear some fun stories like Nick's worm dissection in high school along with Jaymee's potentially prophetic dreams and college trip to South Korea. You'll also hear about the work BUILD Peoria is doing and has done (like a dog park, resident officer house, bus stop shelters, and more), how it all got started, and the best ways for you to get connected. This is a fun one! And well worth a listen!

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