The People of Peoria Podcast

Interview & Live Performance with Nathan Peterson - Episode 12

May 01, 2021 Austin Savage & Alex Turner
The People of Peoria Podcast
Interview & Live Performance with Nathan Peterson - Episode 12
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Show Notes

Welcome back to The People of Peoria Podcast! We are so excited to start sharing the stories of Peoria again.

Today, we're sharing an emotional and real conversation we actually recorded back in February with local musician, Nathan Peterson. Nathan and his wife have 5 children — three boys and two girls — one of whom was born with Trisomy 18 and now has gone ahead of them. In this episode, Nathan shares about the role music has played throughout his life, the beautiful and hard memories from Olivia's brief life, the journey of grief and healing his family is on, the importance of how we breathe, how his relationship with God has shifted, and so much more.

To close it out, he shared a beautiful 4-song performance with us over Zoom that we're excited to share with you as well!

Also, just a disclaimer: Nathan talks openly in this episode about the loss of their daughter, Olivia, and how he has pursued healing. In the case that may be a trigger for you, we want you to know upfront about the content of this podcast.

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