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Jan Powers, Owner of Stone Well Gardens - Episode 16

June 28, 2021 Austin Savage & Alex Turner
The People of Peoria Podcast
Jan Powers, Owner of Stone Well Gardens - Episode 16
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Show Notes

Now that we're at Episode 16, it's about time we share our first outdoor episode with you! And here it is! This week, we had the incredible opportunity to meet Jan Powers, tour Stone Well Gardens, and enjoy a couple glasses of wine. Jan has written a column in the Journal Star for over 10 years, is a garden writer, an artist, author of multiple books, and the host of the annual Market on Moss. She also has recently walked through a journey to learn more about her father who died as a pilot in World War II when she was just a year old.

In this episode, we talk about why Jan believes we're all connected, the process of discovering an untold story, how her Grandpa Les introduced her to the joy of gardening, what the word God means to her, and the value of slowing down to see what's actually taking place in your community. She also tells us our stupid questions weren't good enough so you get BONUS stupid questions! 😂 She shares what she thinks cats dream about, the weirdest food she's eaten, which of her plants she'd bring to life if she could, what song represents her life, and more. We hope you enjoy!!

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