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Jeff Himstedt, Owner of J.Him Woodworking - Episode 17

July 12, 2021 Austin Savage & Alex Turner
The People of Peoria Podcast
Jeff Himstedt, Owner of J.Him Woodworking - Episode 17
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Show Notes

Getting to meet the people who make up our community is the BEST part of doing this podcast! For Episode 17, we had such a fun and casual conversation with Jeff Himstedt, Owner of J.Him Woodworking, recorded live from his shop. HUGE thanks to Bearded Owl for the brews and Peacocks Pub for the pizza and wings.

Jeff is an incredible craftsman. In this episode, he shares his journey from growing up on his family's farm to entering the Air Force to starting his own woodworking business. In his words, "I wanted to build badass furniture, so that's what I did." He openly shares what the biggest obstacle he's overcome in his life is, the project he's most proud of, why it's absolutely crucial to truly love what you do, how he's rediscovered his faith in the last year, and so much more. Of course, we also talk stupid questions like what animals he'd combine to create the ultimate animal, what cheat codes he'd have if his life were a video game, and more about smurfs, New York, and his beer of choice.

This one will bring you laughs, inspiration, and a fresh perspective on our community! Listen in!

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